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BAA Airport Airside Pass Security Screening

We work with businesses and organisations operating at all the major airports throughout the United Kingdom to provide security screening referencing and criminal record disclosures as required by the Airport ID-Unit.

Working with your Authorised Signatory, we understand and adhere to the strict screening criteria as determined by the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 and are able to work within the intricacies of both BAA and non-BAA airport operations.

To discuss how we could help you to adhere to the legislation, reduce your administrative burden and screening cost, please contact us.

Candidate Application Guide


We may require references for two purposes:

  • 1. To obtain an airside pass permitting you to work unescorted in restricted areas at an airport. The British Airports Authority (BAA) have strict regulations regarding the issuing of ID passes and your references must be satisfactory to the BAA.

  • 2. For your prospective employer, we require references regarding your previous employment and these must be satisfactory to them.

In attempting to meet the above requirements, we will request work references to cover the last 5 years together with details of at least 2 character/personal referee's.

We will require a contact name and address for any of the following that have been applicable to you in the past 5 years.


ALL employment within the past 5 years, including your current employer. If you were employed by a school/college/university, please indicate this clearly in order that a work reference is sent rather than an educational reference.


Please provide the name and address of a bank, accountant or solicitor who can confirm that they have dealt with you during this period.


If you were employed via an agency you must make this clear on your application and provide the details of the agency (we cannot write directly to the companies you were placed with).


We will require the address of the benefits office that you have been dealing with during this period. If you have not made a benefits claim, your personal referees will have to confirm this.


The name and address of the school/college/university, including a course tutor who can confirm your attendance. Please give details of your course title.


We require the names and home addresses of 2 personal referees. These referees MUST be "friends". Family members, tutors, employers and colleagues are not acceptable. They cannot reside at the same address as you. In addition they must have known you for a minimum of 5 years as they will be asked to verify any gaps in your employment history in the last 5 years.


If a company that you worked for is no longer trading, we will ask you to contact the Inland Revenue for confirmation of your employment with this company including start/finish dates.


If you have been travelling or not working for any other reason (apart from those which fall into one of the categories above) during the past 5 years, please give exact dates of the travel period. This would need to be confirmed by one of your personal referees. Relevant entry/exit stamps from your passport may also be required. EVERY GAP OF MORE THAN 14 DAYS MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR and details must be given in the spaces provided on this form. Your personal referee will be asked to clarify any gaps.

References must be acceptable and suitable to both your prospective employer and the BAA. Without the relevant information we cannot issue the necessary paperwork to obtain an ID pass. This will mean that employment CANNOT commence and any conditional offer of employment will be withdrawn.

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